All paintings are painted on formatted canvases and they are unframed unless agreed otherwise. 


Most of the paintings are available on high resolution prints.


World wide shipping. Shipping costs will be added to prices shown. 


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Taro Malinen

Artist, Engineer, Carpenter

33 years old artist from Finland who loves to paint with acrylics. 

I'm now a 33 year old artist from Finland and a big part of my life I have always created something with my hands. As my second occupation I have a carpenters degree but currently I'm working as a project manager with a construction engineers degree. I've also composed some cinematic type of melodic music for my own pleasure which I might use for the backgrounds of my videos in the future 

Artwise I've loved drawing since a very young age and I got to go to an art based elementary and junior high school which I think boosted my creativity. I took few years break from arts as I competed in sports and composed some music(which is art too) but at the end of 2018 I got the spark again to paint! I still love to draw but mostly I love to paint with acrylics. I always like to try new things with my paintings but the most important thing for me is a satisfied customer. So what ever you need we can work it out together! Just contact me with anything.

You can follow my journey on instagram and facebook!

I'm also open for collaboration and business deals.